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Tommy Esguerra’s bulge

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          1. The fact that I exist is proof enough ma may isang nilalang na mas maganda pa ang toenails kumpara sa buong angkan mo.

            1. You exist? Prove it, Bayot! You can’t, because you and your ilk have faces only your own mom can love.

              1. dear, even your own mother would abhor your face. I’m soo pretty and fresh, and have soo many admirers, deal with it!

                1. Send your photos our way, then, unless you’re one big fake! Prove us wrong that you don’t have a face only your mother can love. Hahahahaha!

  1. I really don’t understand why he keeps on explaining that it’s not his penis on IG when most of the models really don’t care if they flash a VPL. Major turn off.

  2. In most high school and collegiate Greco Roman wrestling nobody wears underwear with their singlet. Why is he wearing underwear

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