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  1. Lande says:

    Wow! Luke Conde is one hot sexy guy! Sarap nya, certified DAKS pa! Love yah papa Luke!

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:


  4. DakoKa says:

    Sarap sa pantasya…

  5. Nayla la Ardilla (Salseo Queen) says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    β€œIt’s illegal to do it with you, because most of your parts are under 18”

    – Alaska

  7. Romina Mondragon says:

    Got bottomed by 2 caucasian models in shangrila bgc tanong niyo si Jonas Gaffud pinahiram models niya kay Luke

    • Anonymous says:

      So bakit ipapahiram ni gaffud kay luke? Lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Diba magbf sila ni Jameson?? Hindi ba?


      • Anonymous says:

        Si Jameson, McCoy at Elise ang tinutukso dun sa joke, di si Jameson at Luke. Konting analysis lang teh.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not really. Look at the big reactions from everyone, plus if you were subscribing to Showtime around that time, Jameson was hiding something when asked if he was dating anybody, one Hashtag saying “meron eh..”, if it was Elise, it would already be publicized because crazy fangirls will be swooning all over it, which HELPS both of their career. However, if it was a guy, considering the ironic homophobic nature of this country’s media, then…..

          On their anniversary or sth, Vice mentions na madami na nangyayari sa Girltrends and then jokingly asks Hashtags kung meron ding “nangyayari sa kanila” and then takes it back na “kasi parang wala eh”. During that time, the co-hosts were tight-lipped, concealing their smiles/eventual laughter. Vice’s statement doesn’t make sense, because Hashtags are WAY more successful than GirlTrends. Unless, of course, jokes are half-meant.

          Now onto that video I included, analyze “why” McCoy wanted to be Jameson. The premise of ‘Beklaban’ is beating your opponent, if Jameson meant nothing to Luke, then why the fuck would he even care in the first place? As an analogy, Luke decided to be Elise.

          In conclusion- McCoy:Elise;Luke:Jameson

          • Anonymous says:

            Teh, its as clear as my porcelain skin na si Elise, Mccoy at Jameson ang tinutukso. And to answer your question, scripted kasi yung Beklaban nila. Di naman kasi sila Contestants sa Miss Q and A. And why Elise and Jameson? Cause it is Mccoy’s bday. And pag birthday may roast na nagaganap. Jusko teh. Kung gusto mong may something si Jameson at Luke, di ka nagiisa. Ako rin bet ko na magkasomething sila. Pero wag mo ipilit kung wala. Kasi wala talaga e. Si Vice nagiojoke talaga yun ng kung anu ano, parang di mo naman kilala si Memeh. Kaya awat na. Kungbaga sa korte puro circumstancial lang evidences mo.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sino yung 2 caucasian models?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Tumanda na pala siya.

  9. sharon says:

    In fairness, parang twins sila ni Lani Misalucha sa nose ha

  10. Anonymous says:


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