Hot Men in the Philippines

Jak and Gil (with Derrick)

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  1. Lol, si Derick lang ang MEDYO kilala ko. Yung long hair parang si Pawee ng Misso, yung isa naman parang picture lang sa before and after ng retoke na makikita sa mga clinic.

      1. Di ka ba nagmimissossology baks? Site yun for pagent info, si Pawee yata owner nung site. Google mo Pawee Ventura o Pawee Missosology. Magkahawig sila ni long hair.

    1. Teh, di sila household names, nobody knows who they are. Mga baklang tards lang siguro nakakakilala sa mga to.

      1. then dont say nobody knows them. alam mo ba ibig sabihin ng nobody? bakla nga shunga naman. The fact is some people know them and perhaps more than the number that you could think of.

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