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    1. This means he supports the LGBT+ community. People like you who assume someone’s sexuality through their acts as an ally exist as nothing but a hindrance to a future where heterosexual individuals can support the cause without receiving such criticisms, hence keeping the LGBT community segregated forever.

      But then again, I doubt you care, so go off.

      1. This is stupid, the person you’re replying to is asking a genuine question and you respond with an aggressive and negative reply.

        Once again, being gay is not negative. It’s NOT a criticism, real allies wouldn’t care if people think they are gay.

    1. 11:07 -Is that the way you respect gays? Is that the way you want to be treated? In this day and age ganyan ka pa rin mag salita?

      1. 10:34 – Some people here are so un-evolved or uneducated that they think being gay is inferior. They secretly yearn for straight men and feel that someone is already diminished once his secret is out. Self-loathing at its purest.

        1. Pa intellectual naman tong dalawang balahurang toh! Asan sa statement ko ang nagpapahiwatig na inferior ang pagiging bakla? Kung yan ang pagkaintindi nyo, pwes ang boba nyo! Juice koh pa intellectual pa ang peg di naman nabiyayaan ng IQ!

          1. 1:17 mas bobo ka kaya hindi nirerespeto tayo kasi sa mga katulad niyo na walang respeto sa kapwa.

            tama na ang pag assume wag niyong pangunahan ang isang tao.

            tapos mag rereply ka nanaman ipagtatangol mopa yang napaka sama mog ugali at maduming bibig

    2. You’re such a very bad gay example to the the LGBT Community, this is one undying vital disease among us here, it’s realy Gays vs Gays, how would we ever achieve the RIGHTS, RESPECT AND LEGITIMACY in the Community kung tayo sa league natin ang numero unong nag-sisiraan.

  1. Well if he’s out na then let’s be happy for him. Ewan ko ba sa mga ibang bakla dito kung di pa out binabash at kung out na binabash pa rin. ano ba talaga mga vakla? mga ingitera kayo

  2. I don’t think he’s that comfortable of it pa, as I just checked his Insta, but he’s on his way, let’s just all be there for him.

    Alex is doing something that most closeted people in the local media can’t do, that’s something we should be proud of ❤

  3. This comment section is a big problem. Rason din minsan kaya wala tayong straight pinoy allies kasi automatic “out” na sila. Hindi pwedeng they just stand with us? Kailangan it’s about them being queer din? Ano ba naman kayo?

    1. RD encourages it, unfortunately. The way he nurtures such a bitter audience instead of using his influence to encourage people to think better.

      1. RD is not the censor committee this is a free site and it is good so we can expose the kind of attitude others have…

    2. Being gay is not negative. Who tf cares if people think you’re gay? If they’re scared of being labeled as gay, then they must think being gay is negative, THAT IS NOT WHAT AN ALLY IS.

    3. Besh, closeta naman kasi si alex kaya di assuming ang mga bakla dito. Di umaamin Pero daming pinatulan na kapwa paminta via Grindr at scruff. Kung non scene ka understandably di ka aware, pero just ask around. Sa dami ng pinatulan nyan makakakuha ka ng first hand confirmation.

    1. Sorry nasira ang parlorista fantasy mo from 1970. 2019 na na kasi. Di na uso ang mga katulad mo mag-isip. Happy Pride, Lola!

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