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Sebastian Dacles

Sebastian Dacles, who is?

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  1. His FB Acct says he’s from Catbalogan, Samar. Also, judging from the photos, certified pabook ito. Not unless those are photos from his past and he lives a different life now. 🙂

    1. grammar mo teh. you don’t say “not unless.” just say “unless.” para ring common mistake ng pinoys – “irregardless.” say “regardless, not “irregardless.” aral-aral pag may time…

  2. grabeng sarap na ulam to…i wanna gobble up that whole cock deep down by throat…kakaerbog…..hays ang aga aga gusto ko pagjakolan

    1. Tama ka “samba”! Sa sobrang sabog ng utak mo sa drugs, isang tambay na pinagisipan mo na si Sebastian na-“getchang” mo!

      Wahahahahahahahahahhahaha! PROVE IT NGA!!! PARANG IMBENTOR KA LANG, EH!

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