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Whatever happened to Johnron Tanada?

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      1. here we go, another perfectionist. Pwede namang mali ang napindot di ba? And kung gumaagamit siya ng mobile and qwerty yun, there is a big possibility na mali talaga, tignan mo, magkatabi ang s & d. -.- jakol ka na lang.

  1. Wow my ultimate crush! Ang gwapo pa din nya… Rd i hope u can feature more of him Please!!,!!

  2. Pabooking ba sya? Alam ko suplado daw yan..ayaw daw talaga nyan magpabook…nwy good for him ,at least hindi sya mababoy ng mga judings…

  3. Grammatically correct yung “Maybe he lived a normal life.” It’s not in the past tense na he is done living. It means he chose living a normal life.

    So to those who dared bash the one who posted the sentence, think several times before you insult anyone. You sound a lot more stupid.

    1. jusko dai isa ka pang nagpaka dalubhasa,,, mali! LIVED is past tense.. napaka simple lang kasi e nagmagaling pa.. the statement that says He LIVED a normal life simply means tigok na si kuya.

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