Hot Men in the Philippines

morris navales 23 morris navales 25 morris navales 26Who is Morris Navales?

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  1. Not really tall in person. Into men. And likes the finer things in life… At the expense of others.

  2. So I did some Google search and this came up, I was like, this can’t be him because this one’s too fugly. And then I found his FB page and saw a throwback photo to when he’s already bulked up but had less or no surgeries done on his face yet: Look at the striking similarity of his facial features in this photo and the photos from the first link.

    This is him now, This is an impressive handiwork of a plastic surgeon. Although he looks beautiful now, he still couldn’t help his jologsness, which is evident in his posts. Bahahaha! I find his Belarusian boyfriend so hot though!

    1. OMG gurl! I was about to do the same thing kasi talagang ang sherep niya dito, pero na turn off ako dun sa mga THROWBACK pics niya! LOL EWWNESS

    2. Inferness ang galing ni Doc ah, sinetch si Doc? Mas interested ako to find out para naman mapa-ayos aking nose na bisagra

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