11 thoughts on “Admiring Enzo Pineda’s Physique”

  1. I like to see Enzo Pineda in male pageant. Pede sha sa Ginoong Filipinas. See him in skimpy bikini. Happy New Year RD and the community of beautiful people here!

    1. Isn’t he short-ish?…

      Nu’ng single, pa, si Rocco, puwede din. Matangkad. Weren’t the two batch mates at Star Struck?

      1. Si Rocco po maliit in person nakatabi ko pa. Im only 5’8 pero mas matangkad pa ako sa kanya. Si Enzo po ang matangkad almost 6ft siya. Saw them both. And yes magkabatch sila(2010).

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