19 thoughts on “Anak: In Order of Preference”

  1. Increasing, from front to back, 4 me. Pasamonte es eternale! 🙂
    (Second and third,… I want to switch…)

  2. 1 is B, 2 is A, 3 is C, 4 is E, 5 is D pero dahil ba pa rin ang alindog ni E, pwede rin siyang maging number 3.

  3. agree on the hierarchy. loved the Daddy Blake video of Sean de Guzman. ang kinis at parang ang bango ng singit and dick nya. very boyish

  4. Momsh, puhrang for me poh, 1st is Baby Ricky, pehroh close 2nd poh si Sean, pag nilagyan ng biton, then tie for third poh si Mhack and Charles, tapos no thanks poh dun sa isa. Hihi…

    1. Yes, please do save the best for last, po. 🙂
      (Easily the manliest of the lot, Pasamonte is.)

      “(‘Coz) Sometimes the snow comes down in June…”. A song by VW.
      (And in relation to song, Admin, go watch “(The) Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”.)

  5. Yummy talaga ni Ricky. May class vibe ang datingan niya at consistent siya sa vpl na mukhanh totoo naman.

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