32 thoughts on “Built to Last: Gerald Anderson”

  1. He’s not my type but I’m such a fan of his acting work. I wish mas marami pa siyang acting projects

    1. Madame, ang tawag diyan, BARREL CHEST. OK lang din, kanya-kanya’ng taste… Pansinin niyo po si KG (not-too-long-ago Main post* & latest Side Post), medyo may pagka…

      (* – not the ‘Bingwit’. Earlier. ‘Yun’g solo’ng pa-tease na ‘wet look’…)

      ‘Ay, Mamang RD! Maramin’ng marami’ng salamat at I just realized na pinaunlakan niyo po ang kahilingan namin fot ‘wet look’, c/o KG nga. ‘Apakabuti’t bait niyo po. 🙂

  2. Uhmmm. If he is FEATURED here, which among the three choices does he belong:
    1) may scandal
    2) namamakla, pumatol/pumapatol sa bakla
    3) plu= eliminated right away, coz he has GF?

    Which is which???

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