26 thoughts on “Carlo Galano Bench/Booty”

  1. Oh ehm, Momsh RD!!! Na-shunburn pouh bah shya? Wawa aman pouh ang babyih Carlo quoh pouh. Puhrang ang durty a pouh nya… Huhu…

  2. Oh shit ! My ultimate fantasy finally is teasing us with his delicious butt cheeks ! Oh Carlo, My Carlo, please feed us more of these photos. Pretty please ? Damn freaking hot ! Ugh! Ang sarap niya ! Grabe ! Thank you SO MUCH, RD for sharing these photos !

  3. not sure if butt cracks in ads are now a thing, but this bench/ body ad, i like 👍

    we’ve seen carlo gallano’s pubes (or was it really a black underwear), now we see his behind. hot.

    now, i need bench/ and other underwear brands to compel their models to pose something like this.

  4. dati n yan nung nag Siargao sya with his jowawers ata na photographer na yummy din last year if I can remember. Iba nga mukha nya compar dun sa una nyang lumabas na mga photos, tas pag chnck nio insta nyan iba talaga face nya kasi may mga workout video sya medyo di sya ganun kagwapo pala.

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