26 thoughts on “Charming Carlo Galano”

    1. Same. Medj kulang sa impact yung underwear photos ni Marco nung naging endorser ng Penshoppe.

      Iba talaga nung nasa Bench siya, lalo na yung pic na naka-green boxer briefs. Todo bakat!

      1. Alam mo yang si Gina Alajar, tinotodo ang sampal for the sake na makatotohanan. Shes not a good actress. I will have my time na mabuntal ko siya sa eksena and she will really see stars.

      1. Parang ikaw ISHANG BASHURANG DI NAKIKILUHLUH EN NEGKUKUNWARING RICH peroh waley! Hhahahahahahaha

        Hihirit yang si AIDS=Gay pero kunwari ibang tao magrereply.

        1. oh ehm gee, ahm, puhrang ahm here pouh to inshpire you pouh not to make you shoo inggit sha akin pouh. You want poh pagtaposh ko gamitin brashesh ko sha yo na lungz pouh puhra di ka na pouh mukang shhark… hihi…

  1. My imaginary keps is screaming. Chariz! But in all honesty, he oozes sex appeal, and from his Instagram, when he got tanned, I fell in love with more. RD more of him from now on. Teehee.

  2. I have to admit that I always am hoping to see a serving of this delish boy every time I open your page! And I really don’t mind seeing him here everyday…even if fully clothed!…Indeed the hottest property these days

  3. Ilabas na ang link ng jakol video niya At ok lang naman daw sa kanya…… it’s his peak, na-overwhelmed ang kuya niyo since may hugot siya nung chubby at ugly duckling years niya, ngayon he got improved and enhanced ehh maglaway kayo!!! Strike while the iron is hot ika nga…… hair style and need nito the rest ok na…….

  4. I think the unfiltered is better. But Admin probably paid with his life/soul to obtain these images, so we should be grateful. And we are!

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