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“Daniel Matsunaga refuses to pose nude for a cause.” So goes the headline. Did  you know that in 2006 (of course, you know that already with this previous post) Daniel stripped down for Super Stars, a photo book to raise funds for the tsunami victims back then?

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  1. He is a Born Again Christian now, that’s why. Born Again Christians are very conservative. I think he also doesn’t engage in premarital sex anymore. These things are prohibited in their religion.

  2. bata pa kasi sya that time. madali pa syang nauto ng mga sikat daw na photographers. pero kung ginawa nya yan today, grabe! nakakaloka lang!

  3. sabi nga nya sa pbb eh ni regret nya yun pag pose nya ng nude na yan sa thailand kasi niloko din daw sya ng photographer.

  4. it’s not only his decision, they are group actually,. it was his co housemate jaime who is ask to do it, she said yes at first to her surprise she has to ask 3 more housemates and daniel is one of them, they were ok but jaime’s father called and objected.. so the group has to say NO….

  5. please don’t judge born again Christians we are all human doing sinful things khit na anong religion kpa. the important thing is you know how to ask for forgiveness, repent and live life according to the wal;ks of our Lord khit si cedric kpa o si denise napaka hazy nman ng iyong pananaw sa buhay am sorry but I pity you

  6. that born-again-christian thing is all hypocrisy. pera lang ang katapat para mag-pose uli yang si daniel. as to one person’s post that all religions are hypocrites, at least in other religions they don’t profess self-righteousness unlike born-again christians who project themselves as the perfect non-sinners when the truth is nangunguna sila sa paggawa ng hindi mabuti.

  7. what’s this? “Battle of the Religions” on this site with this picture? oh c’om guys. first,you don’t have to argue or judge any religion. it will be just a never ending discussion. respect each others beliefs and stop it there. grow up people.

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