14 thoughts on “EA Guzman Briefly”

  1. yes, daddy EA! give us more of those pics in undies! kudos to bench body. hope they’ll do another round, or maybe give us ricci in undies too.

    tho, i wish he did that a long time ago, maybe during his the studs era, young men era or ligo na u, lapit na me era.

    ngl, daddy ea is yummy, but twinky ea is the best for me.

  2. i agree with the commenters in here, best asset talaga ni EA yung armpits niya. i was dying to see his pits nung EB days pa lang niya, kaya it felt like heaven nung indie era niya kasi panay may money pit shots lagi (esp in imoral, astig, magdamag, and ligo na u)

    vivid pa rin yung scene niya sa magdamag (2010) na nasa kama, hands behind his head, tas sinabi niya na ang lago na ng armpit hair niya

    1. I agree! Derrick will definitely give us a serve!!

      Like EA, it would’ve been nice if we saw him in undies during his twink era, but better do it now while he is still in his prime than later on in his career. (Dadbod Derrick will still be hot tho)

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