7 thoughts on “Enchong Dee Charms”

    1. Puhrang nababahing ako, ha, ha, haaachooooo!!! Ay, akoh pala kase mabantot akoh. Lande is always and forever smelling like tae. huhuhu

    2. Ganda ka? Its people like you that puts the gay community in a bad light. If they’re gay, and they don’t want to tell the world, that’s none of anyones business. Let them live their lives.

      1. Sorry po Chang, pehroh maganda po talaga ako, puhrang young Dawn Zulueta po ang beauty ko, dyosa levels, ska wala po masama mabahing lalo na at naamoy ko po ang number 1 fan ko na makyonders at mapangheng si Lola Julie AKA Chaka Ka. Lol

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