28 thoughts on “Escort Too: JM Canillas”

  1. Baka meron bagong jakol video itong c JM, pang Pandemic version niya, sa Macau-Singapore-Hongkong-Thailand dati ito nagpapa booking, 50-70K + free airfare, hotel or resort accommodation at shopping spree… international escort boy… nag away sila nung bugaw niya since ayaw na niyang may kahati sa Service fee niya.

  2. Question to all of you there: Can you get him to taste and see him for FREE? If you need to pay him for… you know, I’m pity to you!

    But if you get him for FREE, you are the luckiest one in the universe.

    1. IM PITY TO YOU? u cant even construct proper grammar haha… may universe ka pang alam, sarili mong bakuran ayusin mo muna haha

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