22 thoughts on “Gerald Anderson Shirtless”

  1. Player, but id still let him f*ck me. I actually had a dream na he f*cked me haha kantot kabayo siya tsaka hilig magfrench kiss

    Oh i can only just dream.. a wet dream

    1. Speaking of ‘horse _uck’, you heard that joke about deliberately running the automobile on rough roads so that the (resulting) jiggling does ‘all the work’…?

      You heard the (beep!*) version involving annual vacations to that famous resort city but precisely because the roads leading there are smooth…?

      (* – Sorry, cannot reveal the place, baka ma-censure si Mamang.)

    1. Virginia pa po me. No sex before marriage because I have morals unlike you and that Bea Alonzo who steals a farm from our indegenous people.

      1. Ay Julia, pakabog ka ng pakabog kay Gerald. Masarap iyan magfu!k, baka maubusan ka ni Deo, Carlo at Dyogi, troika ng kamunduhan

        1. Since these ugly troika salivated Ge, that made me not to be fucked by him. He needs to clean himself from those bacteria.

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