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  1. wow. this is surprising from an (ex?) mormon. i mean, yeah, we’ll take the butt exposure, but they’re the type to be super conservative, and homophobic.

    it’s a good thing he left showtime, yeah? at least ion came in and made vice ganda genuinely happy. i doubt greg will do the same tho- i feel like he’s disgusted off-camera; i remember watching his vlog during his mission here in the PH and he sounded condescending towards the “bakla” people, ironic how he is now ‘potentially’ serving his buns to the gay audience.

  2. Di ba bawal sa Mormons ganyan? Tumiwalag na ba siya? Naku kung malaman to ni Vice, baka iwan niya si Ion.

      1. while the first statement is true, LDS/mormons are known to be purists and loyal to their chastity rule, to the point that they are an illogical, blind-following cult.

  3. OMG 😲 di ba kaya ayaw niyang kumagat At seryosuhin ung supposed “love team” nila ni Vice kc daw dahil sa religion niya? So, the fact na nag hubad na siya, does this mean wala na siya sa Latter Day Saints/Mormons na kina-aaniban niya as religion???

    1. I heard from a podcast where he admitted he left the mormon / LDS church a few years ago, but it’s confusing to still see recent mormon related posts on his IG.

  4. Ang ARTE-ARTE moh eh jan din pala sa pag huhubad bagsak mo…… so hindi na ito Mormons kung ganon?!? Also, sayang, naging main stay kana sana ng It’s Showtime at baka wala pang ION ngayon kung kayo nagka tuluyan ni Vice……. Edi sana lifetime sustentado ka ni Kabayo, buhay Hari!!! At hindi mo na kailangan mag work.

    1. I know, right? I don’t know if it’s hard for ex-mormons to completely leave the church, it seemed like they keep on coming back every time.

      But I am quite sure these butt exposures are definitely a no-no to the hypocritical mormons. I haven’t seen Virgin Island, but it would be refreshing to see him, an ex-mormon, in a male-to-male scene, at least that would make a statement against the mormon church’s stand on homosexual romance.

      1. Hellooooo, di ba yan ang issue ng mga Male Mormons? Andami talagang mga Bakla/Bisexuals sa religion nila, example nalang c David Archie nag out na recently… di ba nga tinigil nila ung annual Mormon hunks calendar nila na bineventa ng mga Members nila para maka hikayat At maka convert sa faith nila sa LDS… observe it; in any GAY WEBSITES, may Category silang “Mormons” m2m sex….

        1. Hi! Yes, issue ang homosexuality, among a lot issues sa cult, I mean, church nila.

          Personally, I dated a mormon guy dito sa Pinas. It did not end up well. I feel bad for the guy, because I know he/they wanted to come out, pero sobrang brainwashed sila to the point na conflicting na siya on who to follow and believe in anymore. I was willing to help him/them come out, but he/they ended up choosing the church. Sobra rin ang peer at family pressure sa kanila. Stay away from them, especially if you don’t believe in the same faith. Inclusive sila at sobrang toxic, just look at the suicide rates of teen LGBTQIA+ individuals in Utah alone.

          Also, mormonboyz ang prevalent na gayporn. I’m not really into old men-twink boys fantasy.

      2. Update: [SPOILER ALERT] I’ve seen the movie, and Greg’s scenes were kinda iffy and wrong. TW: It is basically a gang rape. I watched the film in hopes that he had a male-to-male scene, but alas, pure disappointment.

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