20 thoughts on “How Tall is Albie?”

  1. Looking at the photo,… 67″ (Just a bit more than 5’7″…)?
    (Admin, you must give a prize to the one who gets it right.)

  2. Yung height ba ng ilong niya ang tinatanong?! Mas gwapo yung shufatid niya. Mukhang AFAM! <3 <3 <3 PRAK!

  3. Nakita ng kapatid ko ‘to sa NAIA, sabi n’ya matangkad din naman. Siguro nasa around 5’9″ to 5’10”

  4. Kahit di siya gaano katangkad ok lang…pareho lang naman height natin pag nakahiga hehehe

  5. 173cm (5’8) ang height ni albie kc nkatabi ko sa line sa airport yan mataas lng ako ng konti coz im 5’9 1/2.at ang ganda ng ktawan at makinis.

  6. 5 6″ to 5 7″.

    A few years ago, I saw Tony Labrusca at SM Megamall. I’m taller than him. I’m just 5 8″.

    Tony and Albie were in a movie together. They appeared to have the same height.

    Just my guess.

  7. His sex appeal is a drawing factor. He is not your typical boy next door, but, boy, he is worth your orgasm every time you run to your helping hand and do the master thing.

  8. Albie is perfect example of a hot male specie-including all the physical imperfections you can see…this only adds to his appeal…the mere sight of Albie’s sexy and inviting pictures makes my blood pressure soar!

  9. Ok ako na magsabi kasi nag ka casting ito sa akin dati under reco noong hindi pa artista. His height is 5’10” and Toni Labrosca is 5’11”

    Ayan mama RD tulong ko na yan sa sagot mo.

  10. Si Alby mabait yan sa mga bakla kaya wag nyo uukrayin sa mga comments at higit sa lahat hindi yan DDS.

  11. Si Albie na mahilig UMUTOT anywhere sa set!!!!! May PUTOK at bahala ka sa buhay mo kung Trip mo or Hindi, na sayo if type mong tumabi or what……

  12. idc about his height. The only length that matters to me is that between his legs. charaught!

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