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Jak Roberto On His Knees

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    1. Seriously, RD??? You aren’t willing to block this annoying person’s comments from being posted? You’re playing favorites kase though salamat na you’re preventing the others we’ve mentioned from ever getting their comments posted, yung mga umaatake dito sa Lande nato pansin namin wala na. Maybe you’re blocking the wrong people when it should be this person.

      1. Let him be. You have the choice of not reading and minding his comments annoying as they may be.

      2. Go lande! Keep on annoying this evil person hanggang sa maglaho na lang siya dito! Di mo na kasi maapi si lande e no? Kaya si RD na pinupuntirya mo! Si lande walang ginagawa masama, pero ikaw meron! Inggit ka siguro kay lande. Ampathetic mo naman.

          1. Mawala man po ako dito, ok lang, di ko kawalan po yun. Puhrang kawalan po ni momsh RD yun. Kaya start enjoying your ghost town! Lol!

            1. RD we’re not demanding but pleading that this FILTH’s annoying and downright USELES comments be blocked. Kung kaya mo igawa sa ibang weirdos pati bashers netong TRASH nato, then why don’t you?

            2. You see RD? This FILTH is implying that you’ll lose your visitors and fans to your site if that TRASH Lande’s comments no longer appear? Hahahahaha! Kapal ng mukha ng BASURANG BAKLA na yan.

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