28 thoughts on “Malice”

  1. “Embarrassed” emoji ba ‘yung reply?

    Totoo, naman. πŸ™‚

    Or, did Mark share a recipe with Derrick? And Mark misinterpreted?

    Admin, ano ba’ng recipe ‘yan? I-share na’t masubukan din namin, please. Malay mo, maibenta on-line. Tyia.

    1. Uhm, yep, Mark may be old enough to be a dad, but his body is way better than most guys in their early 20s, so seriously, yan ang dad bod?

  2. Salseo ini!!!


  3. Josko ang mga baklang assuming. Obviosa bang pajoke lang ang comment? Kung Totoong paminta man yan hindi yan magcocomment in public ng ganyan.

    Hay naku kay laganap ang covid sa pinas. Napakaraming mga bobito at bobita.

  4. What is the latest kay Mark? Maganda ang boses, at dapat suportahan ng lgbt si Mark dahil sa tapang niya lumantad!

  5. Madalas magcomment din yan si Derrick kay David Licauco. Hmmm. Kay Alden din. Usually pag thirst trap photos nila kinocommentan niya ng nga ganyan. Pero mas madalas ko siya mapansin sa posts ni David at nagrereply naman si David. Close ata sila.

  6. Hiwalay na ba sila ni AR at lumalandi na sa iba itong si DM?, iba ka te, makatiti ka rin ha o siya basta happy ka happy na din ako for you……..

  7. Why are gays here so mean and judgemental against their fellow gays? I don’t get the hate, negativity lack of respect for their fellow humans.

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