Hot Men in the Philippines

Mr. Rizal, Wencel Mark Acosta

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    1. Teh,
      Baguhan ka siguro no?
      Back in the old days, even before nag-transform tong website to “rddantes”, di lang naka-brief ang mga featured. Nameless and not so kilalang Hunks clad in very skimpy bikinis ang featured dito… source din si RD ng mga jubot jubad, at mga leaks ng bijaks.

      For you to ask “Bat andaming nakabrief dito lately” is a ghastly and appalling statement kasi trimmed down na nga mga nafe-feature dito eh.

  1. Pede kayong umorder sa akin ng ganitong red gold panty. 199 isa but three for 550, delivery is free kapag more than 2000 ang binili. Pero si kuya, mahal iyan.

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