7 thoughts on “Now and Then: Herson Barias”

  1. ‘Ah, ‘eto pala siya… Not bad. Looks Viet (just saying).

    Congrats, Admin! Claim to (your) fame ang ‘then’ niya (the watermark). You REALLY have gone places; one day you should compile all (those memories/stories). 🙂

    Yaaayy! #34.

    RDDantes, d’ peymus. You like how that sounds, no?

    1. Dito na rin ako mag-co-comment regarding that other high-profile candidate at CTS 2022, new Main Post. Eniwey, on-the-way-out na ‘to…

      We can be fairly certain that the Fil-German by now has representation by way of a capable Manager/handler. It’s, of course, the job of the latter to take care of her/his ward’s career/work/jobs. Thing is, kung alanganin ang prospects, dapat hanapan agad ng back-up/options. Hence, Mr. Bondad is now in that proverbial canoe navigating two rivers… Problema niyan, he might get neither… 🙁

      Why is it that neither of the Bondad boys seem to have made firm traction in the local celebrity scene? Mabait naman ‘ata sila…???!…

      (PS. ‘Yun’g kapatid ni Sam Ingrid Santamaria? OK ba in person?)

  2. ewan ko pero parang ang lakas talaga maka cheap ng leopard print bikini sa mga lalaki, konteserong kolboy agad ang dating sa akin.

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