26 thoughts on “Parlor Nominee”

    1. Yup. Sya yung ginamit ni gurl sa mga luho nya. Sa huli, mga 300k+++ ang hinuthot sa kanya. Pero inamin nya na may nangyari sa kanila ni gurl. Imagine, yung tite nyang iyan, nakabaon sa kweba. At least naibaon muna nya, sa huli “baon” sa utang si gurl.

  1. This boy is better than Joshua de Sequera, Carlo Galano, Ruru Madrid, Tony Labrusca, Derrick Monasterio, David Licauco and all of Marawi-looking boys combined.

    1. Karelin the weirdo. Here you go again. Idk wtf marawi-looking boys mean, but I’m pretty sure you look way more horrible compared to them

      1. Did you see me in personal? Kindly describe, please so that you will never look like a laughing stock of the World. How about you, are you the reigning Miss Universe this year?

      1. Wow, the holier than thou spoken! You act like you never taste ever the boys in your home country, in you whole life. You act like none among you have already saw the Filipino boys’ dicks.

    1. May difference yung proportions BUT same na same yung utong, belly button, V-line at yung chest(especially yung “cleavage”).

      Sure na sure na sya yan.

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