Hot Men in the Philippines

Royce Cabrera At Home

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  1. Puhrang di sya ganun kagwapo pehroh lakas naman ng appeal nya. Sana magpakita ulit siya ng titi sa next movie nya. Hihi…

  2. Schoolmate ko toh sa Mapua, he’s so into LGBT advocacy as part of some campus org., I feel some “Bi.” Vibes in him…

    1. Jeskelerd. Imbis na maging thankful sa isang mhin na todo support satin, iisipin pang PLU. hay naku!

  3. He gives (off) the vibe of a “puro” Pinoy born & raised in a foreign land therefore of that nationality…. (and everything that connotes).

  4. Laki nang tinanda nya dito compared sa Fuccbois which was shot only last year. Pero nagpaganda na katawan si kuya. Yup, more movies please. Preferably sexy.

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