19 thoughts on “Smooth: Charles Nathan”

  1. So, Admin. I’m sure napanood mo ‘yun’g Episode 3 Season 7 ng PN’s (TPP) interview with AP & RG… In fer, lalo ka lang ma-i-in love kay Kyle. 🙂

    Charles Nathan just gives a “too sweet” aura. Nothing wrong with that. I just think his show business career needs to be “not like this”. And I’m also not saying, ergo, that GlobalGuy is “doomed to dance”.
    (Dami’ng kuda… Masyado lang siguro ako na-affect sa contrast nila.)

    1. Ahm Tita, nainom mo nah poh bah mga maintenance mo? Puhrang worried nah poh akoh seoh poh eigh…

  2. Agree with the other peeps here. Cute and hot at the same time. Swerte no Char Kinis dun sa series nila, nilaplap… Parang kyoho pa naman ni bakla at sabi sa vlogs nila hindi mahygiene.

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