8 thoughts on “Superbod Mauro Lumba”

  1. Ayaw ko dyan baho bunganga parang kumain ng tae ha ha ha. Ang gwapo sana at mukhang mabait wag lang bubuka bunganga 😂😂😂 Next…..Choosy ako

    1. True ba besh? Nagpasupsup sya at nagpagamit kay JB? Akala ko pa naman maykaya pamilya nya at di nya kailangan magpasupsup sa mga bakla lol

    1. … Which could be good, considering what is done to achieve bulk/size in as short a time as possible. I say, allow your body to settle to a level of fitness you are comfortable with and which is perfectly safe/fine long-term. You cannot be at the top of your game forever, anyway.

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