9 thoughts on “Sweaty Pits War: Emil or JC?”

  1. Armsh, grabeh kah nuhmun Momsh RD! Puhrung you always torture me lalo na with these two hottie guysh who insulted me when I asked them to do a 3-way with me huhuhu…hihihi

    1. Ahm Lolah Dahdahdah aka Lande Lolah Version, puhrang destitute ka nga poh kasi you live in Isle of White Stone poh, while me poh in San Lorenzo Village, saka schooled poh ako in Poveda and Ateneo, I ride in an Audi, tapos I have yayas and drivers pa poh, not to mention my own personal stylist pa. Wawa aman poh you Lolah Lande wannabe.

    1. True 3:32 naalala ko nung nagbreak sila nu g TV5 actress dati na si Danita Paner parang nasabi ni gurl di ko sure kung sang interview basta legit to, “kala mo naman may ipagmamalaki, eh ang liit naman.” Natawa ako ng narinig ko. Haha Di lang kasi sikat si gurl kaya di kumalat. Haha

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