18 thoughts on “Titillating: Argel Saycon”

  1. Another one who should join MIP simply because his international pageant assignment didn’t pan out. I would like to think it was sheer incompetence/negligence on the part of the organization. Teen pageant nga, ‘eh 19 na siya nu’ng ma-crown. Alanganin nga naman! ‘Pag ganyan, ituloy na lang du’n sa ‘senior’ title, anyway most start age brackets at 19. And at least two (2) 19-year-olders won their contest in recent years, proof that there’s no reason to be nervous ‘because I’m young(er than the others)’. If the pageant bosses like you, WIN.

    Matangkad pa naman ‘to’ng bata’ng ‘to… 🙁

    1. Ano ba naramdaman mo nung manalo ka sa Binibining Binubuni, Ugliest Gay of the Philippines? Natuwa ka ba o nabuwisit?

    1. ay ako sa tite area lang. tite, singit, betlog, sige isama na yung pusod. dun pa lang busog na. pero parang masarap din yung utong at kilikili nya. o sige na nga lahat na nga rin. less rice na lang para hindi agad mabusog. ahihi

  2. abot hanggang garter yung ulo oh… may dent yung garter eh… baka grower toh…

    his bulge here match his action nung nasa loob siya ng bahay ni kuya… yung wake up call nila na unconsciously kumambyo siya… kitang kita sa camera yun tapos inere sa primetime…

  3. Marc Daniel Bernardo is far hotter than him. Argel suits only for the MTRCB-loving moralists. Even Sid Lucero is hotter than him.

      1. Sorry, I cannot understand your kakaka gibberish language. Only the word “Sid Lucero”, “title”, “hot” and “taste” I understand. Next time, kindly speak English please, if you are far better in English speaking than me (I’m a foreigner who is native from the Pacific Islands), so that there are people who can understand you.

          1. Sorry, Tanga is not the trending swimwear now for boys. That’s the late 80’s and early 90’s swimwear.

  4. Nalaspag na ni MamaJons itey, threesome partners sa Condo ang mga ito (I just forgot the 2 other guys)…. at the same time bugaloo niya c Jons….. eh c Mico Teng na male version ni Herlene Hipon ang flavour of the year ni Jonas ngayon!!! (Oh pati pala c Ralph De Leon na may jakol video)

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