36 thoughts on “Titillating Teejay Marquez”

    1. Yes. too much interest imposed by that extremely bad person. teejay had to suffer a lot and his family. and that bad person’s cohorts including bashers like you who judged people based on what they heard and gossips peddled. Teejay, good luck more. I love you.

      1. Really? Are you sure about that? For your information, that person has so many evidences of what your TEEJAY has done. From borrowing money which he never paid to falsifying documents, something to be proud of huh?And mind you a legal complaint has been filed against him, he is just lucky enough because we all got into this pandemic and his ex boyfriend from London cannot come home as the Philippines is still in the redlist countries in the UK.

        1. Yes. That ex was paid in cash and in other form. The interests were so much, you’d think that his ex treated Teejay as his possession, his slave. That ex should move on and try to get someone who can be his forever. Let Teejay chart his own happiness. I love you Teej.

          1. Ho! Ho! Ho! Paid in cash? Seriously???!!! You are pulling my leg! For 10 million pesos- paid in cash?! You must be hallucinating Dahlin’! You must be his new sponsor that is why you are all heads up defending him. Oh, well I do not want to waste my time with you. For your information, his ex boyfriend is a friend of mine and I do know all what happened with them. Drop me an email and I will send you all the evidence- hot_spicyph@yahoo.com

  1. Baklang ganda ng ganda sa sarili. Sobrang annoying niya dun sa series nila ni Jerome Ponce. Pa-girl masyado ang putangina.

    1. True baklang Pilipina ang dating hindi ko tinapos 2 or 3 episodes lang ako nakakaasar ang peg younger version s’ya ni Fanny Serrano sa tingin ko lang ha…….

  2. The body shows his real age. Tapos banat na banat yung face. Sana magwork out sya para magkaform specially sa lower part. Ganda ni mumsh tho.

    1. Mga late 30s. Ang ganda ng mukha at suso pati utong. Maganda iyan habang inii*ot, nakaka l. maganda ang moaning at ayos ang luag designed for big ones.

  3. Forever twinkera na talaga itong si Voldemoreta. Pero choosy pa ba? Mukha naman malinis at mabango kaya go parin. Pareho naman kami beki so ako ang trip nya. Mahilig ako mag wig, oo yung human 6×6 parting na lace front wig, gaga! Hindi yung kanekalon fiber na plastic! at mahilig din ako mag makeup, pero for Voldy, willing ako magpakamacho. Mag susuhan kami all day, all night, at himuran ng singit. O sya! Makikinig muna ako ng Vengaboys. Shut up! Wag ako!

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