12 thoughts on “Vince Velasco Surfing”

  1. Theres an almost jakol vid of foreignoy john paul gorens on twitter if youre interested. He was the asking guy taking the video to suck his cock.

  2. Bat puhrang ang sarap sarap ng mga lalaki! Lalo na yung may hairy kilikili!!! Kaloka! As a puhreety young gurl, I need to go home with lots of these hot men po.

  3. I had the opportunity to work with him for an event. He was nice, smart and gentlemanly. It must be nice to be his partner but then again, I can only dream lol.

  4. Hot din yung kapatid niya pero parang sumuko na. Dati todo effort yun magmodel pero ewan… at least nakagraduate sa Ateneo.

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