21 thoughts on “Zach Guerrero Shows Off”

  1. What’s not to like? Looks good from head to toe. And ‘yun’g tipo’ng shoot na dapat ay super-conceptualized pero natural ang kinalabasan (even the graininess of the image).

    (He looks like sculpture. Everything’s lined-up!)

    They have a REALLY GOOD photographer.

    1. Ahm, hi pouh tita Edible… Ahm, panshin qouh lang pouh, ba’t puhrang dih mo nah pouh kakaushap shi admin dito? Aaway pouh keoh? Hihi…

      1. Pag nafeature dito, it’s either bakla, namamakla o may scandal. So pili na lang kung alin jan

    1. Madaming gwapong bading…and so what kung bading? You need to change your perspective dear…

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