Sikil Film Update

Roni Bertubin, the director of Sikil, sent in an update via email from Valencia, Spain, stating that the movie was featured in the Best of the East section of the Mostra de Valencia/Cinema del Mediterrani Film Festival. Then, Sikil will go to Cancun, Mexico for another international film festival in November. Sikil will have its premiere night finally at the UP Film Institute on November 20, according to Roni. Photo above is one of the male leads, Ken Escudero aka Alvin Asuncion, and recently, Vin Asuncion of the Be Bench Model Search.

3 thoughts on “Sikil Film Update”

  1. i can picture ken modelling a pitoy moreno or borrowed terno from auntie (or lola) meldy. strutting his stuff in a terno, reading-ready na siya to dance a number from the maria claria suite ng bayanihan.

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