Sikil starts showing today

Sikil [Unspoken Passion] starts its regular run today at the Robinsons Galleria. The film. which got rave reviews at the recent Palm Springs International Film Festival, stars Ken Escudero [in photo, with a foreigner extra] and Will Sandejas. Touted as a “love story with a twist”, it is about a young male prostitute in love with his childhood friend, who has a girlfriend. It is directed by Roni Bertubin, from the screenplay of Romualdo Avellanosa. Will and Ken, together with the cast, will be at Robinsons today for a meet-and-greet with the moviegoers.

9 thoughts on “Sikil starts showing today”

  1. I remember seeing the two leads, Will and Ken, on “Master Showman” last Saturday. It was a funny yet irritating thing that the two men didn’t know what the title of their movie meant. They had a hard time grasping for words, trying to explain to the hosts what the title’s meaning was. And to think this is THEIR movie. Eventually, they were able to do so but not without help from the show’s hosts.

    Minsan nakakainis din pala ‘pag puro katawan at mukha lang ang meron pero walang sense.

  2. ive seen the movie kanina sa galleria.. the movie is so damn good…. ang ganda ng story. ang ganda din ng acting ni ken.. more power sa indie filmakers..

  3. Ganda etits ng foreigner. Which only shows that the face and the body may sag, grow wrinkles, and produce black or brown spots, but the glorious cock remains proud and inviting for it does not age. So long as it is able to get a hard-on.

  4. The still picture from the movie indicates that the younger guy is reluctant, even disgusted with what he is doing; that is, submit to the sexual advances of his obviously-paying partner.

    That’s the mistake of several real-life pokpoks. They want their money but they are not smart enough to please their benefactors.

    The professional sex worker would try to do everything he can to satisfy his partner, not duck, avoid or parry his amorous gestures.

    A job well-done is a guarantee that the customer–“guest” in the trade parlance–will come back again and again, revenues assured.

    Some dumber guys want to have their cake and eat it too.

  5. napanood ko na ang movie…sa kasimplehan nya,maganda sya parang yun pagdadalaga ni maximo oliveros…walang pretensyon na magpaka-intelectual….though i have to disagree kay anonymous…ham ang dating ni ken…but suprise ako kay will…may ibubuga..may depth ang acting…konting hasa na lang at pede ng isabak sa malalaking pelikula kasama ang mga beterano…yun nga lang..wala silang exposure sa movie di tulad ni harry sa parola…may nagpakita ng frontal…yung sa bath tub scene…sino yun????yet..i love the film…sana suprtahan natin mga ganito films…sadly to say…wala pa kaming 20 sa sinehan kaninag hapon….

  6. I fell in love with the simplicity of the movie. (and with Ken 😀 not only is he cute, but he also portrayed his character quite suprisingly well). This is the best Filipino gay love story I have seen so far. I can’t wait for the DVD 🙂

  7. ginaya nito siguro yun Eternal Summer na taiwanese movie
    kasi noong nakita ko yun trailer, yun plot nya parang kapareho nun.. Napanood ko na yun Eternal Summer

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