Watch “Sikil” Tonight!

Today, rain or more rain, Sikil will have its Philippine premiere at the UP Film Center. The movie, which is directed by Roni Bertubin, is doing the international film festival circuit [it is currently in Cancun and will have a Palm Springs preem in January]. Sikil has two screenings – 5 pm and 7 pm, and tickets cost Php 100.00 each. For more information on how to buy the tickets, you may call the UP Film Center at 920.5301 loc. 4589, 926.3640, or 926.2722.

6 thoughts on “Watch “Sikil” Tonight!”

  1. It’s a really good film! I watched the movie a while ago at UP, and I was pleasantly surprised with this wonderful gem of a movie. Catch it when it (hopefully) goes on a regular screening 🙂

  2. AM ALREADY GETTING A RUSH OF ADRENALINE…re this movie. however, i still have to satisfy my curiousity from the people who already saw the film (i) how much nudity (frontal or incidental)(ii) who darefully did (iii) final comments, without prejudice, revealling the storyline.

  3. i) Mostly “tastefully” done nudity. Nothing crass or gratuitous, except for

    ii) a semi-erect frontal of Richard Guebar(?) coming out of the jacuzzi. My also friend claims he saw a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of Will Sandejas’ willie, but I blinked and missed out on it harhar

    iii) basic storyline (spoilers): Enzo and Adong are childhood friends. They grow up as neighbors and best friends, supporting each other in their own way. Eventually, both depart for Manila for very different reasons. Five years later, Enzo and Adong meet in an awkward situation. They move-in together, but Adong eventually decides to reconcile with his wife upon Enzo’s prodding. Ironically, it leaves Enzo with the hope and strength to reconcile with his dysfunctional family.

    I loved the film because it subtly multi-textured, both on the visual and thematic level. On the downside, I found some of the dialogue to be too stilled and pedantic for my tastes. Other people may also find the film’s ending of eventual healing as escapist fare. I, on the other had, think it, imbues it with a cathartic quality, neatly tying up the story, as well as the whole viewing experience.

  4. THANKS RD FOR THE COMMENTS… i am sold on seeing the movie when it comes here at festival time, even tho it is tad bit pricey ($20). but the agonizing part is the line-ups. people are so festival crazy these days they swarm like flies to see all the offerings including phil.flicks.
    it is past 6:00 AM DST i have to get ready for the day’s work. bye now…

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