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Lance Onate, singing star

The last time I saw singer-dancer Lance Onate was during Holy Week in Boracay Island. He was with his good friend, the male model Mark Manicad. He was tan, trim and, uh, titillating.  I heard he’s a big star now – as part of the four-boy song-and-dance act BoyzFrenz, which is “making a big splash in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.”  Recently, he came back for a vacation and now he’s on an Asian concert tour with the popular group.  I bet he’s the sexiest guy in that pack. And what can I say – way to go, Lance!
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  1. i like him and kinda sweet and sizzle in the gym but guess what……malaki ang burat kaso ubod ng itim..hahahaha may picture akotaken during his shower time @ the gym (fitness first)

  2. Sexy nga siya! Patikim lang ang pinakita niya sa Star in a Million noon, and then… The Studs… todong pa-sexy. And we are all thankful for that 😀 Hehe

  3. his my favorite before in in star in a million batch niya si kris lawrence. sayang d na bigyan ng break sa abs! super crush ko dati.

  4. he’s gay.
    he’s my X’s X’s X. yeah a lil complicated (like his personality). in the Red Mobile commercial, he dropped the punchline so sarcastically gay you’d think he was playing the girl instead 😉

  5. I want the centerfold shot of DION IGNACIO in X-RAY mag sna nman po may papost mo yun kuya RD yung hndi putol, grabe ang sarap po kse ng pubes ni dion dun samahan pa ng mabuhok nyang kili kili at maitim na utong………

  6. yah i like hes red mobile commercial pero he looks a lot better in person i swear,yum yum! mga nega jan tigilan ako ha!

  7. adik ka? d ako chumuchupa ako chinuchupa!hahaha! masarap ksi eh, tsaka di maitim burat ko-masarap!!!!!hahaha!!! try mo… madalas ako mag.gym sa wynsum bldg-lance

  8. di po sya chumuchupa. madalas po sya dati sa ever recto nung di pa nagstart ang star in a million. always may dalang powder na inaalis ang label. malinis sa katawan. tripper po dati. malaki po talaga ang kanya.

  9. kpit bahay ko xa d2 sa congresional qc may 2 year old na anak na sya! and he has a lot of friends na parating nakatambay sa tapat ng bahay nila. hes kinda hot lalo na pagnakashort lang at lumalabas sa tpat ng gate-sarap at bakat!

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