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Now that Survivor has given him a shot at pop stardom, ex-commercial model and tv host Gino Dela Pena is entering showbiz with a bang. But what do we know about this guy who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, after his breakthrough McDonald’s Huling El Bimbo ad? Random facts from his bio would reveal that Gino’s 5’10” tall, 29 years old and a graduate of the Entrepreneur School of Asia in Libis, Quezon City. He lists himself as “entrepreneur, minister, model, host and actor” in his bio.
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  1. Love ko siya sa mcdo tvc pero nung nasa survivor siya nakakainis siya. Lagi pang nakatrunks wala namang umbok! Di porket matangkad at di porket malaki ang size ng paa e malaki na din ang bayag!

  2. gosh it’s gino!!! type ko talaga sya eversince that mcdo commercial, his geek looks made me fall in love with him at lalo na ngayon that he’s lookin sexy… wow!!! sarap!!!

  3. Namomoblema siguro ang GMA ngayon paano nila i-market ang isang ito. Honestly wala syang star factor man lang

  4. a body to die for! his face may not be perfect, but it’s a very masculine face…ang sarap magpayakap sa kumag na to..

  5. He may not be the typical gwapo and matinee idol type, but he exudes a very masculine appeal, and is definitely smart and sexy.

  6. Oh my gulay! Gwapoooooo! Pang international ang appeal! Sana di sya gumaya sa iba na tinotodo pagpapalaki ng muscles. Keep your built!

  7. Wala man lang nag-mention sa hint ni RD. Anywayz, ever since dati pa lang and RD knows how I keep nudging him to post more on Gino. Pero after stalking the guy for so long, parang bored na ko sa kanya. jk!

    “na gets ko na ito 5 thousand lang, pa booking. Eching.

    Wednesday, February 01, 2012″


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