The Usual

This one is filed under Bulges We Are Familiar With. Marco Gumabao’s serving and we had to share this new photo of this handsome dude in tight Penshoppe undies. Marco reminds us in a state of undress, pecs and packs, bulges and blobs – that summer is all about, uh, wearing light clothing as much as possible. Darn.

Aaaaand… Marco, Too!

Penshoppe is fielding it’s sexy weapon this summer also, ex-Bench/Body main guy Marco Gumabao. He’s giving us the bulge and that stare, ugh! The balmy season’s shaping up (no pun) just fine, with new images of our favorite boys – barely-clad dudes for the local underwear companies. Can’t wait for summer!

Sizzling Scenes

I am continuing from the post last week about Marco Gumabao’s new movie, My Husband, My Lover. The movie’s out today and the promised scenes of Marco’s very private moments with Skanky Kylie are shared with you today. He’s not yet ready for the frontal nudity scenes, so he used a cup or plaster in old showbiz parlance. It will do, considering we get to see his full naked body.


What’s happening with our popular boys? Marco Gumabao continues to be busy at work – movies and all the endorsements he can get. Our boy is bangin’ the underwear department over at Penshoppe also. So we can be assured of a continuous stream of photos of Marco in undies in the future.

Mmmeanwhile, Markki Stroem continues to push the envelope with his racy, risqué projects and photos (example above). He’s getting noticed with his messages about hope and equality, with the purpose of shaping public perception and reinforcing social changes. But that’s another story. In the meantime here is Markki in revealing, uh, swimwear(?).

Boxer Briefs

Here are two of the most prolific underwear endorsers of late : Vin Abrenica for Hanford and Marco Gumabao for Penshoppe. They’re lording it over their respective brands, unlike Bench where the boys wrangle for attention and dear ole owner’s most sought-after attention. I am not going to ask about your preferred bulge, er, boy. No.