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Cherry: Timmy Valenzuela

Nineteen-year-old Timmy Valenzuela says he is favorable to anything just to be a movie star. Which means, he declares, he can do frontal nudity in any scene – gratuitous or artful. This native of Marikina City is boldly determined to enter showbiz.
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  1. RD i usually spit a lot of words, however, timmy leaves me dumbfounded and could only come up with 3 words (all have the same meaning) to describe him :


    have a nice day …..

  2. i like him. his face projects sensitivity, angst, and silent quest for a “mother figure” that only a gay lover can provide hehe. his body reminds me of ido victor’s – supple, natural, and farm-fresh, like a newly picked apple. my gosh, rd, why don’t you share his contact details?

  3. FOCUS ON PICTURE #2 – a glimpse of timmy’s hairy right pit and they look brushy and wiry. i have a love (call it fetish) for pit hair and this guy is an erotic dream come true. are there people out there who share the same fetish? LET’S UNITE…..

  4. i also love the manly scent of pit hair, but i’m easily turned on by “karug,”, and tim has it..ahh, i love that thin spread of hair from his belly button, down to his boy-man dick, and you could see a hint of his balls which are slightly covered, teasing, and inviting..if he were with me now in that pose, i will spread out his thighs and give him his best and most abundant cum, yet…!

  5. WHY CHERRY? i don’t get it. i don’t see any of the early summer fruity delite, wood, tinge of red or anything relating cherry to his personal assets (slang). maybe it is cultural, a personal comment (you would not share with us) or a code between timmy and the poster. just asking, no malice nor being nosy…..

  6. DEAR SIS DEMURE… we now have 2 things in common. our love for coffee (i start the morning with my dad’s taster’s choice instant, dark blend, 100% colombian and decaf to end the day. all with 10% cream & 1 pkt. splenda of course)…and also our passion for pits (and i’m not talking about cherries or plums).


  7. that’s nice to know, sister anonymous. i have been into coffee for heaven-knows-when. but my 22-year old boyfriend of 3 years has influenced me into loving homegrown barako coffee from amadeo, cavite where he comes from, which he brews to perfection using my trusty old coffee maker – a fixture in my home office. a cup of coffee, my boyfriend, and me on rainy days is a delight, but it would be a welcome change if it would be: coffee, a nude timmy valenzuela, and me. Lol!

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