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Ajay on a Saturday

I just realized I made my 800th post yesterday. And, time flies faster than I can see it does, as the first year anniversary of this site is on Monday, 25 February. But I have no grand plans yet on that date, so do not expect too much guys. In the meantime, it’s a Saturday. Time to relax and laze around. Here’s Ajay, one-time exotic dancer who tried to enter showbiz via the sex-oriented movies of his era.
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  1. to rd…congratulations on the 1st anniv of this blog….more years of hunky men in the philippines posts!!!!hope sa iyong anniv post si ram ace in his full monty ang i-feature mo!!!! hehehehehe!!! thanks…i really enjoy viewing your blog!!!! more power rd!!!!!

  2. naku naman…ba’t di pa tinanggal yang kamay na yan…kakabitin tuloy. Ahihi! Infernezzz, guwapo sya..type ko.

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