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From the looks of it, singer and Bench Body model Jay R has nice round buttocks. I always thought his posterior’s flat and unappealing. But this picture says otherwise. Anyways, this guy strikes me as sexy because of his unconventional looks. There is something attractive about him. It must be the jawline, the height, the hair [or lack of it]. Or maybe the way he sings. It helps that he signed up for Bench and wore them tight briefs. Plus he has a fleshy bottom!
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  1. i’m sorry, kapuso ako pero for me he looks like a frog…o dun sa mga magsasabi dyan na kung makapagsalita ako akala mo kung sino, to each his own my dear friends….

  2. the pwet can be photoshopped, but yeah, all the characteristics you’ve mentioned really sums up his sex appeal!

  3. I always liked him noon pa man na bago sya. Tall and sexy not conventionally handsome but sexy !

  4. He is a multi talented artist bot given the proper breaks and exposure sa Gma 7 sana lumipat na Lang sya sa Dos

  5. facies are a body of rock with specified characteristics. [Reading (1996)] Ideally, a facies is a distinctive rock unit that forms under certain


  6. facies? in medical terms ata yun yung mga babies na may abnormalities pertaining to certain conditions? tulad ng mongoloidism? tama ba? so mukhang abnormal s JR, ganun?

    mej nga. hihihi

  7. A SMART FELLOW…he definitely knows that he can sing (GMA acknowledges this by making him the show starter in their 59th Anniversary cavalcade) and that he is ordinary looking as a pancake. no wonder he is making the most of garnering as much money-making opportunes available. time is of an essence. at the end who wins – RICHY JAY-R.

  8. wala na tayong magagawa kung di sya glacially good looking. ok naman ang katawan siguro dapat maghanap ng better trainer kasi payat ang hita. walang triceps. hubad lang kaya parang ok but may kulang bukod pa doon ma angas ang facial affect pero di bagay sa face

  9. hexagonal ang shape ng face nya..that means 6 corners hehe tapos kalbo pa..panget naman talaga to e, nakita ko na sya, at kung ordinaryong tao lang sya e di papansinin.

  10. hindi naman siguro talagang panlalait kung sabihin na di siya ganun kagwapo. (tama ba spelling ko?). nagkataon lang na celebrity kasi siya, isang singer at model ng bench. buti nga at naging magaling na rnb singer, kasi talagang di naman pang celebrity ang tabas ng mukha niya. yun lang. no offense meant kay JR.

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