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Glamour Boys

The controversial Glamour Boys 2008 search concluded last night with its Grand Finals at the Lips Bar. And from the photos above, it looked like the patrons of the bar got a visual feast. For sheer entertainment value with daring and cute boys on stage, Lips Bar is fast becoming a popular waypost for gay shows. Lips Bar is at 152 Aurora Blvd. cor. G. Reyes St., San Juan City, Metro Manila [near the J. Ruiz station of LRT-2].
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  1. hmmm..i will say “pass” on this one. no comment. the last time i did on a similar post, i earned the wrath of…well, no comment nga pala hehe. nada. nihil obstat!

  2. i wanna go there too. pls. tell us more about lips bar. the entrance fee,and what should we expect inside. like the additional charges..

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