Hot Men in the Philippines

How is Edward Mendez doing?

Then [photos above] and Now [below]

At the first Mossimo Bikini Summit in 2002, one Filipino-American boy stood out because of his distinctly boyish looks and eloquence. Although Edward Mendez did not win in the contest [Winner was Carlo Maceda and 1st RU Jordan Herrera], he got offers from talent casters to do commercials. He appeared as resident pinup boy of Cosmopolitan Philippines magazine and has also graced the runways for top designers in Manila. For a time he was the it boy of the Manila modeling world, until he invaded the movies too [his last one was called Pinay Pie with a Assunta de Rossi and Aiaidelas Alas]. Suddenly he disappeared and next thing we know, he is back in his native Maryland – buffed, ripped and roaring.
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