Mike Young on UPH site

Finally, UPH’s site is up and running again. You may click on: http://www.ultimatepinoyhunks.org for new photos of hot Filipino hunks. [Okay, I’m doing this because UPH the brat is buying me dinner.] One of the featured hunka-wunka is Mike Young, a recent contestant at the Bodyheat Model Search 2007. For more photos and the 411 on the mestizo guy, click on UPH’s new site.

3 thoughts on “Mike Young on UPH site”

  1. I notice that you keep looking away whenever I stare at you in the gym. 🙂

    I also see that UPH and yourself are getting along pretty well! 🙂

  2. J. you must understand that we were never introduced to each other and I am not in the habit of looking at gym persons in the eye. :]

    The brat and I are friends, and he is very vocal about establishing contact with you again.

    See you in the gym.

  3. Hey, Mr. Young…whats up dude? nice to see you and looking great…drop me an email sometimes…Hans

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