Hot Men in the Philippines


[l-r, Alizon Andres, Larry Bril, JoeVince Canizares]

[l-r, Pierre Niccolo Fabi, Jerome Ortiz, James Zablan, Raphael Kiefer]

Summer is really here guys. The body-in-a-bikini contests are in town. One of which is the relatively new Century Tuna Superbods, which is held in Boracay. On 28 April, 12 guys and 12 girls go for the Php 500,000 prize as well as a modeling contract as the exclusive image model of the tuna product. Photos above are some of the male finalists:

Alizon Andres has been joining all modeling and bikini contests ever since he wanted to join showbiz. The guy won as Page Jeans image model, and all he got were billboards in Baclaran and Santolan. He twice joined the auditions for Starstruck, that GMA 7 reality-based show for new actors. He didn’t make the cuts. Lately, if you notice along EDSA he is one of the boxing guys in that Alaxan billboard. And then there’s model Larry Bril, who at 25 could be the oldest in the batch. This 6′ guy has appeared in TVCs and on the ramp. Veteran model and Cebuano Joe Vince Canizares is in it too. He is probably taking a hiatus from his modeling in Singapore, where he is the toast of the town there along with Rocky Salumbides and another Cebuano, Ezra Blu Freeland.

Model Pierre Niccolo Fabi, who is singer Lance Raymundo’s very dear friend, is also in the finals. I think he also entered last year when Jon Mullaly won. Jerome Ortiz, of course, everyone will remember him as the buffed god who won Mossimo Bikini Summit last year. All along I thought he went back to Cologne, Germany to pursue his sports journalism career. Then there’s former-FEU-baller-now-model James Zablan with the ripped bod and the prominent nose. Raphael Kiefer, that kid model then who beat Brent Javier in an MTV-sponsored model contest, is also in the competition, this time buffed, bald and burnished.

Who is your bet?

[Thanks to the nice guy who sent the photos to my email. I will not mention your name here as you might have issues with that, but you know who you are. As for your requested posts, will try to look for those pics. With gratitude.]

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  1. Larry is coy initially but quite ambitious, arrogant and “professional”. Just be careful when trying to establish a meaningful relationship. Mahilig sa “turo-turo” and leaves you out in the cold. Isn’t that a surprise that at 25 he has not made a real hit in the field of modelling? Why not try acting? Just a suggestion.

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