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The 100 : Valentino Boys

[Arnold] [Rico]

[Alfred] [Timmy]
[Robin] [MC]

[Kerk] [Kiro]

I’m on my 100th post guys and I’m pitching eight naked persons, whose pictures were culled from Valentino magazine [go buy the glossy, you’ll see more]. They are the Boys of Valentino, and frankly I do not know much about these guys. Let’s see, there’s Rico Medina, a 19-year old guy who once posed with bubbles covering him there down south; Kerk Vincent, all of 18 years who claims he is part of his school’s basketball varsity team; Alfred de la Cruz, 23 years old and a favorite photo subject of an aging and déclassé fashion designer with a funny name, who posts Alfred’s pics in a Multiply account [you could just imagine the pics there and I’m not telling yet the name of the account]; MC Auriel Gagan, 20 years old and a Computer Engineering student, who once posed with glass bubbles over his privates; and Robin Martinez, a 19-year old waiter in Makati City. As to the others, I will have to find out yet. In the meantime, take your pick[s] and I will post their individual photos soon.

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  1. San pwede makabili ng magazine na yan,,,,,limited lng kc pls,,,,,,,or any other link there

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