The exploitation [mini] saga continues..

[l-r: Harold Montano, Kryven Lacson and AJ Smith]

At the office of the Quezon City Assistant Prosecutor Laurence Chua Cheng earlier in the day, the case of the male boldies was heard against the fake movie producer [see link ] Apparently, it was a criminal case for Acts of Lasciviousness. The protagonists were there – Twilight Dancers bit players Harold Pineda [he looks better in person] and Kryven Lacson [frankly he looks better and slimmer in person, too; the last time I posted his pics I got cursed twice over, I wonder why], and The T Show resident twinkie AJ Smith, half-Filipino, Half-Lebanese cutie. The case has sparked some reviling vigilance in the public forum threads of TV station GMA 7 [which featured, rather staged the story], which comments generally condemned the guys for merely “looking for publicity” as they were seasoned veterans of bare-all shows and movies. Someone even quoted as follows: “they are known stripteaser gays- gold diggers and cheap sex slaves of foreign customers hired around the makati/malate district…they have pending galloping credits to be paid and need big amount of money to pay them out, their souls!!! ” [I’m just quoting guys from link]. Let’s see what happens next then.

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