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The Other Brothers Guesande

Remember the other two brothers that composed the sibling triumvirate of strippers who blazed through the gay bars some time back? [Shades of the Rockland brothers, although they have not done gay movies and all of them are straight supposedly]. I featured Paul earlier [see recent posts] in rather tame studio shots. Photos above are of younger brother Jay who was initially the more daring one as he came out with a series of pictures in his birthday suit prior to posing with his brothers. The ones below are of Denmark, the youngest [and probably the longest] among the three. Relatively new, he came into the scene when his brothers were already established in the biz. The photos [except the first two above] are hazy – as they were meant to be that way – and taken from the bookazine Rice.

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  1. na subo ko na yan sabay sabay kasi roommate ko sila. lakas mag labas ng tamod.!!!
    parang maliligo kana nga eh!!

    1. Parang fire hose ba sa lakas kung tumagas yung mga tamod nila? Sa laki ng titi ni Denmark, malakas din siguro tumagas ng tamod ung malaki at matigas nyang titi.

  2. Mas malakas ba sa firehose tumagas ng tamod yung titi ni Denmark? Sa laki at tigas ng titi nya, walastik siguro ang putok ng tamod sa laki at tigas ng titi ni Denmark.

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