The Other Brothers Guesande

by: rddantes March 18, 2007 | 5 Comments |

Remember the other two brothers that composed the sibling triumvirate of strippers who blazed through the gay bars some time back? [Shades of the Rockland brothers, although they have not done gay movies and all of them are straight supposedly]. I featured Paul earlier [see recent posts] in rather tame studio shots. Photos above are of younger brother Jay who was initially the more daring one as he came out with a series of pictures in his birthday suit prior to posing with his brothers. The ones below are of Denmark, the youngest [and probably the longest] among the three. Relatively new, he came into the scene when his brothers were already established in the biz. The photos [except the first two above] are hazy – as they were meant to be that way – and taken from the bookazine Rice.

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5 Comments on "The Other Brothers Guesande"

  1. durrty says:

    Uuy! Ang laki ng notes! Napaka rare niyan sa Pilipinas! Ang swerte naman ng mga girl(or boy)friend ng mga ito…

  2. Anonymous says:

    na subo ko na yan sabay sabay kasi roommate ko sila. lakas mag labas ng tamod.!!!
    parang maliligo kana nga eh!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    they are like gladiators sents by the Goddess……

  4. Anonymous says:

    ang sarap cgurong pakantot sa kanila..ang sarap ng titi

  5. Anonymous says:

    May isa pa silang kapatid. Si Edward Benosa

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