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The Top 20 of 2011

It has been one whirlwind of a bikini-nekkid-cocky year! As the year ends, I’m listing down the top 20 stories based on the number of comments [figures in italics] that you posted. Nasty or polite, fantasy or trite, your opinions are all there. Here we go –

1. WTF! It’s Neil! Hysteria on Neil Etheridge’s first take as an underwear model. 187
2. Return To Temptation, Aljur’s refusal to wear white briefs on a movie revival. 165
3. Terrence Baby, about a varsity basketball player’s exploits in showbusiness. 162
4. Boards Down, on the controversial board of the rugby players in Bench briefs. 156
5. ‘Told You So, a few days after Piolo Pascual was outed by the showbiz girlfriend. 142

6. Carry On, JR Cawaling as the face and body of varsity basketball and more. 139
7. Vintage Sunday, featuring the hot Guesande brothers and their huge assets. 128
8. Salvo, Gerald Anderson and Aljur Abrenica as the new breed of leading men. 127
9. Dayum!, on a varsity player, a suspect in a near-fatal stabbing of a director. 125
10. Aljur, Too, about a new shirtless photo of the guy, as featured in a magazine. 124

11. Swoon, featuring Aljur’s tender, juicy hotdog. 124
12. Psst, regarding Aljur’s caveman costume in Machete. 120
13. Wild Imaginings, Lemuelle Pelayo’s nekkid, raunchy past. 119
14. Posing 101, Piolo Pascual posing for a study of a statue. 118
15. Captain Barbell, on the merits of Richard Gutierrez in costume. 116

16. Lady’s Woes, about Piolo’s troubles in his relationship with a female. 114
17. On Being Gay, Prince Stefan’s denial as a happy homosexual. 110
18. New Paulo featuring Paulo Avelino’s big billboard for Bench Body. 110
19. You Are Also What You Drink, on the common traits of Dennis Trillo and Piolo Pascual. 109
20. Marked, introducing the newest briefs boy for Bench Body, Mark McMahon. 109
Comments 44
  1. well it’s official. ang favorite pagusapan ng mga bakla ay sina aljur at piolette. si aljur, more of positive ang comments. kay piolette, more nagative comments naman. hahaha. happy new year mga beks, more hadz sana this 2012 for all of us!

  2. Nag aartista na si Lem sa Dos. Pa extra extra. Ayan sisikat na naman sya dahil s apost na ito. May scandal pala sya hahahah

  3. RD! Last year, iyong new year post mo had Rocco Nacino in a jockstrap. But his pic in the collage was quite small… show us the full thing!

    One year ko na rin hinihintay. Hehe!

  4. top 1 talaga si mama PIOLO lalu sa dami ng comment sa blog na ito….
    pangalawa si pre si mama piolo si ALJUR. pre para sa iyo, piolo, di kay KC, di kame talo nun….

  5. Ano ba kayong mga beki, dapat pag pinaguusapan ang mga titi dapat may karugtong na condom para di na lumala ang HIV sa Pilipinas!!!

    Responsible anal intercourse! Charotz…

    Indoy Badidoy~

  6. So RD .. you confirmed it was Lem Pelayo .. :-p .. hehe
    Anyway nice blog .. can’t wait to see what you will post next year ..

  7. RD sana this year may mag share na ng contact nos. ng Bugaloo ng varsity players! Sobra ako natatakam sa basketball players!

  8. Oh yes .. I remember the Rocco jockstrap pic .. please post RD .. pretty please .. what do we have to do? .. haha .. yung malaki ha ..

  9. Reality is – Piolo is still the highest paid Actor and Endorser .., also the Richest Actor in the Philippines …Money Talks!

  10. omg si neil talaga ang nangunguna….ang hot naman kasi!!! sinong may link sa scandal ni ramgen at janelle? share nyo naman dito

  11. Sarap naman ni Lem, kaso parang kay Marco yung titi. Maliit at maitim heheheh

    Saturday, December 31, 2011
    true! it’s a sign na gamit na gamit ung titi ni lemuel sa uring at blowjob! that i based on experience with different guys! most cbs have dark cocks while virginal ones have lighter tones… observe nyo!

  12. mga bakla mangilabot nga kyo patay na c ramgen wag nyo na bas2sin at mega hanap p kyo ng sex scandal nya.kaloka ytlaga ang mga ibang uneducated beki d2.

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