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Boyish at Thirtyish

And Sunday we get hot actor and underwear model Jason Abalos, who is getting better and sexier every day. His new set of photos for Cotton Club underwear reveals a hotter and leaner Jason. When he’s not doing indie flicks, Jason plays leading man in the afternoon soaps of his network.

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  1. But he still look younger than his real age.. I like boys but in this case Jason is the exception and I don’t know why?

  2. basta love ko si Jason eversince indie years. very innocent looking ang mukha pero mukha deadly sa kama!

  3. Siya yung na blind item noon na ni retoke ang papeles at pinabata para makasali sa star circle quest

  4. Ang mga bekinese dito akala mo hindi tumatanda. Hoy pare-pareho lang tayong tatanda. Hindi lang si Jason.

    Kahit umabot si jason ng 50 years old at ganyan pa rin hitsura nya…chuchupain ko pa rin sya kahit mapakla na tamod nya! Hahahaha

  5. move on mga sis nagretire na sya sa apgpapabooking ever since nabakuran ni Joel Cruz. Ask nyo pa si Cedric.

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